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Friends only
Friends only

What you can find here:

- Pictures from sketches to finished. (well... in theory. XD I try to upload every single little shit which is not too embarassing to show. *lol* But I'm lazy.)
- some personal rambling about what's going on in my life (I'm not that talkative bout that, so it's gotten rare XD)
- bilingual entries (I'm mostly trying for english but sometimes the words leave me and I rather switch to German as it's more comfortable.)
- Fangirl rambling every now and then so you've been warned XD

Comment to be added, I'm gladly doing so. :3

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I love your art! I couldn't wait for the reveals over at hd_holidays so I could stalk you, haha. The Green Tie is beautiful <3 May I add you?

Haha oh my I'm flattered! Sure you can. I'add you back right now! ^_^

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